Josh & Stephanie’s Honeymoon Adventure: To See Our World & Will Travel for Birds

To follow our son and daughter-in-love on their 4 month adventure to South America, see the blog post below.

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Our son, Joshua, and our daughter-in-love, Stephanie were married September 29th. Shortly thereafter they hopped on a plane to Costa Rica to start their 4-5 month honeymoon adventure.

They are traveling through Costa Rica, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina with several goals in mind. First, is to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives together. Second, is “to see our world” while encouraging young people to do the same. Third, is birding! Josh is an avid birder, having started when he was very young.

In 2008, the local newspaper did a story on Josh and some of his birding companions, called Bird-Spotting.  In more recent years, Josh began serving on the Wings in Nature board as the Secretary, with duties including Chief Naturalist, Conservation, Photo-videographer-editor.

Both Josh and Stephanie love the outdoors, as well as encouraging others to explore. They share their enthusiasm through their photography…

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Helping Rev. Rikki & John Perkins Following Devastating House Fire

In the following blog post, you’ll find links for how you can help support John and Rikki.

First Nations Monday

My dear friend, mentor, ministry partner and co-pastor of All Nation’s Fellowship, Rikki and her husband John, lost their home yesterday (August 18, 2018) in a fire. The fire took their home, all the belongings in their home, their two cats, Rikki’s father’s workshop, all of his tools, some farm equipment, as well as the hay that had been harvested over the summer.

You may also know Rikki through her role as the chaplain for the Montana State Chapter of the Missing In America Project (MIAP), as well as her work through First Nations Monday.

Among the many irreplaceable, sentimental items and heirlooms lost, Rikki also lost her regalia, professional dresses and meaningful accessories and tools used in her role as a MIAP chaplain and minister, as well as her collection of music CDs, books, DVDs, and gifts representing her many years serving in American Indian ministry.

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American Indian Ministry Program at Bacone College

Osiyo Oginali (Hello Friend) –

On February 25, 2017 I was blessed to have been interviewed by Kyle Taylor, Office of Student Life and Enrollment Management Retention Specialist at Bacone College regarding my participation in the online American Indian Ministry Program. The interview video is available on Facebook at this URL: VIDEO .

After nearly 20 years in American Indian Ministry and even longer as a Believer, I have found the education through this program to be of tremendous value.

Kyle Taylor is one of the instructors at the college and I have had the pleasure of participating in three of his classes so far: Introduction to American Indian Ministry, Contextualized Native Ministry and Native American Hermeneutics. The classes are available on campus and online utilizing Zoom as a virtual classroom. The Director of the American Indian Ministry Program is Dr. Leroy Thompson.

This video, Interview with Rev. Jeny RunningBrook Covill, a Scholar/Practitioner in the American Indian Ministry Program at Bacone College. #AIMP, is one of several produced to help spread the word about this amazing program. It is a 4-year degree program and scholarships are available for students who live on campus. Please visit the Bacone College website or the American Indian Ministry Program at Bacone College Facebook page for more information.

Again, I encourage you to watch this video. CLICK NOW TO WATCH.

Wado (Thank you)

Rev. Jeny Running Brook Covill
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