Lunch at the Ranch

Nothing like being inspired to be creative when you are home fighting a ‘bug’.   I strolled out of my room in my pink camo jammies to make some soup.  As I was settling in to watch reruns of NCIS and eat my soup, I checked my Twitter account and saw that Word Press published a writing challenge.  (BIG SMILE)  It’s on writing about your lunch break.   If you want to give it a try, here is the original link: My post for Day One of the Lunch Writing Challenge.

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Challenge accepted, I scan the room.   The dog is asleep to my left and a cat asleep to my right.  I look out the window and the trees are shiny with fog ice.  The horses are casually enjoying their progressive hay breakfast.  A bald eagle soars past the window.  Nope.  Not much happening here.  I think to myself, ‘How will I compete with stories of New York cafes and Jersey boardwalks?’  Then I smile, snuggle into my blanket, and say, ‘Thank God for sick days!’

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Here are some Lunch Challenge contributions from other WP bloggers that you may like.  This list is only a portion of the entire collection.  With each of my entries this week, I’m adding some additional from other bloggers.  Reading through them all reminded me of that film “Life In A Day” … which was amazing.  I think that’s why I enjoyed this challenge so much … we all got to experience a little ‘life in a day’ through meal times around the world.  (In this first group, some have the same title, but they are different stories.  I added them from the comments section of the main challenge page, as I’m not sure that they all made the ‘pingback’ list that follows. )
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See the complete list on Lunch Writing Challenge page listed under Trackbacks & Pingbacks.   Also come back and visit this blog, Running Brook Reflections, as we’re accepting the week long Lunch challenge.

25 thoughts on “Lunch at the Ranch

    1. We are blessed. I was not raised here, although I think I was meant to be here. My husband and his family have been great stewards of the land. I’m grateful that they made it possible. Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

  1. you dont have to compete with New york cafes and Jersey’s boardwalks as your post totally gives us a different feel of being cozy at home! And thank you for linking my story in yours. as a newbie here, yes I did not know how to generate a ping back like others did! 😦

      1. I would be happy to. First, go back to your post and click the edit button. This will bring up the original screen you had when you wrote your story. Somewhere in the text add the link to the Lunch Writing Challenge page, which is : You can put it at the top or the bottom or where ever you like. You can post it like this. Or you can type the words ‘Lunch Writing Challenge’, then highlight those words, then click the link button (which reminds me of a link of chain or a paperclip) and insert the above link in the form. It will automatically attach the link to the words. When you are done, click the update button. This creates what is called a pingback. Likewise, anytime someone puts a link to your page on their page, you see a pingback in your comments.

  2. Love your take on the lunch time posts as a ‘Day in a life of’. Love that perspective and also your view! It’s amazing to see what you are looking at as you write. Great job.

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