Lunch at the Ranch – The Other Side of Paradise

My post for Day Two of the Lunch Writing Challenge
… A Sequel With Hopes of Becoming a Lunch Challenge Mini-Series

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I’m still at home sick.  Yesterday’s sunshine has become a cold gray.  The icy pines no longer look vibrant, but daunting.   Nothing sounds good to eat.  I warm up what is left of yesterday’s soup.   It’s not as great the second time around, which I attribute more to my sour stomach than to the actual soup.  I turn on a movie, Country Strong, that I vaguely remember having watched before.   I like Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw.  I’m anticipating a warm fuzzy Hallmark type film.  (Straight from the Heart is my favorite. ) However, as the movie progresses, I realize it was much deeper and darker than I had remembered.  It didn’t provide the escape I was looking for.   As a hospital chaplain, moments of escape are valued.

Then I’m rescued.  One of the young people staying at our house showed me his new hair color.  Its a bit darker with blue highlights!  Nice.  I helped him with his ear tunnels.  Today was the first day they could come out since he had them put in.   I’m thankful for the little things.

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4 thoughts on “Lunch at the Ranch – The Other Side of Paradise

    1. LOL. Thanks. Where I live it can be a beautiful winter wonderland or cold and dangerous in the elements. Plus a lot of people say the sunshine makes a big difference. The cloudy days can really bring a person down. I am feeling better. Thanks. 🙂

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