Lunch at the Ranch – Running To and Fro

My post for Day 3 of the Lunch Writing Challenge:

My usual lunch begins with clocking out at work.  As soon as I clocked out, I called a friend to check on how his morning went.  The plan was he was supposed to help in birthing a calf.   However, this morning it had been snowing.  Not the best conditions for orchestrating such a procedure.  The mother had a broken leg.  The plan was to save the unborn calf, while putting the mom out of her misery.   I was told it was a success!  Baby doing fine.

Next I went to the UPS store to mail water color paintings.  While my daughter was home from college on Christmas vacation, she created several wonderful paintings.  Now she needs them sent to the school by Monday.   I enter the modest little store, notice the customer service person is busy helping someone, so I wait.  Not a problem.  I’m not in a hurry.  I’m actually very relaxed.   Then another customer comes in, then another and then another.  I watched the store representative get more stressed.  She rushed me along under the pressure.  I am amazed at how quickly I became stressed.  There is a lot of truth to picking up on other people’s energy.   I was picking up on hers.  It was contagious.   Bless her heart.  After I arranged for my daughter’s paintings to be boxed and mailed, I hurried for the car.   My head is spinning.  I handed over my daughter’s priceless original paintings in a packaging frenzy.   All I can do is pray that they get to where they are going safely.

So, I go to the bank to deposit a check.  She said she was glad I added my account number.  Not because it was procedure or protocol or the rules.   It was because she couldn’t read the handwriting that followed “Pay To The Order Of”.  I guess she was relieved she didn’t have to ask me what it said.   That made me smile.   These are the small town moments I enjoy.

I head home, tummy growling.  I turn to take the quick route and realize after I’m already committed to the turn that this road has a lot more snow than the other way.  Oops.  I head to THE HILL.  Nope.  I don’t think I’ll make it.  Looks too slippery.  I take a quick turn to the left on a side street.  Wow.  I haven’t gone this way in a long time.  It’s beautiful!  The scenery!  The snow is deeper, the road has more curves, but the hill has a much better grade.  I drive around through the snow and trees.  It’s lovely and relaxing.  Deep breath.

I pull into my driveway, which is 1/4 mile long.  I come along side the pine trees which look flocked like at a department store at Christmas time.  I laugh.   This has got to be the first time that nature truly resembles flocking from a can.  I stop and take a picture.

I pull into the garage, then go into the house.  There is Halo, my faithful dog.  She’s sitting on the entry way stairs.  She’s so happy to see me.   Here comes the cat.  She has to have her attention too.  I heat up some cold fried chicken and attempt to eat it and pack another package for my daughter.   Fried chicken and packaging tape don’t mix well.

I go out to the store to buy more packaging tape.  I help a friend with her groceries.  Then I visit with another friend who is going through chemo for lung cancer.  We visit and hug.  I go into the store, grab some tape and some chocolate that is on sale.  That will go great in the box with the other school supplies.

Out at the car, I add the chocolate to the box and finish taping it up.  I go over to the post office and mail the package.  Wow.  This is 1/5 the cost of the package I just mailed an hour ago.  Interesting.   I get my mail and head home.

I pull into the garage, then go into the house.  There is Halo, my faithful dog.  She’s lounging at the top of the stairs.  She’s so happy to see me.   Here comes the cat.  She has to have her attention too.  I heat up some more cold fried chicken and … rest.

I’ve enjoyed reading the posts from the other bloggers in this project.  I sure hope you are too.  When I think of all the posts together, each with so many different stories, I’m reminded of this video, Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care.   I hope you’ll watch.  Below are the third batch of 50 of over 150 entries of other bloggers, so far.  Visit the Lunch Writing Challenge page for the complete list.

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22 thoughts on “Lunch at the Ranch – Running To and Fro

    1. Thank you for sharing your post!! Your painting is awesome. As you can tell, I am a fan of the fine arts. I also love horses. There are 8 horses at my place, as well as 2 adorable mules. 🙂

  1. Multiple instances. At first I was looking for the inception of the challenge’s response but only after reading the entire post I realized its has started from the first.
    I really apperetiate your delicate concern about your daughter’s painting.

  2. It was nice to step into your life for the day. Today I substitute taught with kinders and talk about the energy I picked up from them. I am exhausted. I am surprised you didn’t take Halo to get more tape. Does he not get v to go on car rides? I always take my three Labradors when we go on adventures, though the adventures are usually down the road to the grocery store.

    1. I have taken her on trips with me before. Usually when I’ve been home all day and I’m making a quick errand. On the days I’m ‘on the go’ I guess I don’t slow down enough to think about it. She travels well. When she was a puppy, as with most, she had to be in my lap. She’s much to big for that now. Lol.

      1. I try to take the dogs on as many errands as possible, but three Labradors take up a lot of room, and Lucy can’t get into the car herself. I have to give her a boost, which is way I have to do when she wants to get on my bed.

      2. Big smiles. 🙂 Halo is an australian shepherd and malamute mix. We used to have a lovely black lab, Blackie, who we had to put down when her hind legs stopped working. It was very sad and traumatic for us all, even Halo, who was just a pup at the time.

      3. Dogs do not live long enough. Halo sounds like a big dog. Ricky, my seventy-five pound lap dog is in a recliner with me as I write. I also have Yang Cat on my stomach. Good thing I am writing on my smart phone.

      4. My phone is one of the biggest on the market. Since I use it for everything else but calling it works for me, but I can’t always fit my phone in my pocket. My cat Fred is trying to tell me to go sit in my green recliner. He doesn’t like it when I am in my office at my computer. I swear he’s doing laps, in one door, out the other. He’ll stop and pause near me and jump on my lap, but the second my arms reach for the keyboard, he’s gone again. I recently had to turn Fred into an indoor only cat since he was wandering and not coming home and the road I live near is very busy. He’s probably been an indoor cat for six or seven months now.

      5. Last night I wanted to write, but Fred Cat wanted on my lap. He would get on my lap, but jump off as soon as my arms hit the keyboard. He would leave, walk a lap around the house, giving me a chance to land a few sentences, he would reenter my room, jump on my lap, and we would do this dance for about an hour.

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