Lunch at the Ranch – Basecamp

My post for Day 4 in the Lunch Writing Challenge where we are writing short(er) blog entries on our lunchtime experiences.

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I can only imagine what it looks like at home as my furry four-legged companions are watching the door anticipating my lunch time arrival at the ranch.  Not today, however.   Today is lunch with a special group of peers and colleagues at the Basecamp Cafe.   It’s the monthly ministers’ meeting.

I truly look forward to this time.  Who would have guessed, this odd collection of clergy.   Oh, how we enjoy one another’s company.   Of the seven who were there today, two are women.  Two are Catholic.  A Methodist and a Lutheran.  An Assemblies of God and a Christian Missionary Alliance.  Then throw in the non-denominational, home church pastor for good measure.  (That’s me.)

We have such a great time talking about our similarities and differences.   Today I learned a little bit more about the history behind our local Catholic church and how it got it’s name.

It was a blessing to see each one ministering to the other, no signs of one being better or one’s faith tradition being better.   For this hour, we are all on the same, level playing field.  Everyday people.  No fancy titles.  Very interesting individuals. Friends. Teammates.

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7 thoughts on “Lunch at the Ranch – Basecamp

    1. Thanks so much. 🙂 A friend of mine told me today, after seeing this post, that he used to live in this building in the 60’s. A strange thing to think of a childhood home being converted to a cafe.

  1. What a great stimulating lunch group. I can just imagine the conversation and love the idea that you can all get on together. Being a minister’s daughter in the fifties and sixties I have strong memories of the huge hurdles and difficulties thrown up whenever any ecumenical service or event was mooted.

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