Lunch at the Ranch – Horses and Mules

My post for Day 6 of the Lunch Writing Challenge.   For those of you new to the series, The Daily Post at WordPress offers weekly challenges.  The January 20th challenge is to write a short(er) post about lunch time experiences and observations.   For extra fun, an additional challenge was included to write a post daily for the week.  My original intention was to just write one.  However, I caught the creative bug and decided to write a Lunch Writing Challenge for each day this week.   Please visit my other posts Day 1-5, and check back tomorrow for the final post in this series.

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Today, with a cup of coffee and heart of fellowship, I spent time with the horses and mules during their brunch.   Saturdays are good for that.  Usually I’m in a rush, feeding them in the dark and then hurrying off to work.

Horses and Mules

Beau, Rose, the two young ones whose names I don’t remember, and the two mules, Foxy and Snickers are in one area.   Rebel and Stormy are in the next pasture.  They are older and at the bottom of the hierarchy, so they have their own space to be able to eat in peace.  Then Angel Baby and Jazzy Faith are in the round pen behind the others.  They are BLM mustangs.  Mother and daughter.   I had to crawl up on the haystack to get a photo with everyone.


“Lunch Time” with the horses and mules is entertaining.   It’s this strange combination of  ‘being in nature’ from the human perspective and an hour long dialog of invitations to get closer and warnings to go away from their perspective.  That’s why I call this a progressive meal.  They are always moving around into and away from each others space.

They appear intimate and peaceful, yet they are constantly tuned in to each other.  I figure their communication is at least 95% body language.   Very subtle body language.   Foot movement, ear movement, head movement, tail movement.  If you aren’t listening, the volume goes up.   More noticeable movements or an audible sound.  By the time they get to pushing and shoving, its a shouting.

They remind me of people sometimes.   Each one with a different personality and role in the hierarchy.   The one that dominates the conversation, the one that is shy.  The two that tease and poke fun at each other.  The one with manners, the one without.  The one that is sweet and the one that is grumpy.   The one that will give up a chair for the newcomer.  The one that won’t move to accommodate.   The one in charge.  The number #2 who wants to be in charge.   The old, the young, the females and the males.  The one who is trained, the one who isn’t.  The one who has traveled.  The one who has never been more than 10 miles from home.   The one who likes people and the one who could care less.   The confident, the fearful, the wounded, the caretaker and so on ….

Even with the similarities, there are differences.   Horses don’t have the manipulations, the complications and the insecurities that people do.   They have a great grasp of simply ‘being’.

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7 thoughts on “Lunch at the Ranch – Horses and Mules

  1. Great take on the horses and mules with their personalities being like people. A ranch must be such a richly rewarding place to be, so close to nature and the seasons! At least I’m living it through your posts 😉

    1. 🙂 today I’m writing another one when my fingers thaw. It’s cold today. :). I’m glad you are enjoying them. When you get the opportunity to hug one, you’ll have to post your experience with some old memories and new ones.

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