Lunch at the Ranch – Rodeo

My post for Day 7 of the Lunch Writing Challenge from The Daily Press at WordPress.Com.  This is my last post in this series.  I hope you have enjoyed them.

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It’s 6:45 PM and the rodeo is about to start.  We are waiting for our bacon cheeseburgers and onion rings.   You can hear the announcer in the rodeo arena giving the commentary of the last little calf rider.   Then I hear “Jeny”.   Our order is ready.   I immediately throw away the onions and tomatoes and sweet pickles.  Who puts sweet pickles on a burger?!  I squirt a little ketchup on the bun and we hurry to our seats in the bleachers.  We are just in time for the singing of our national anthem.

We hold our cowboy hats to our chests and we fix our eyes on the cowgirl on the horse in the middle of the arena who is holding the American flag.   With “O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave …. ”  the cowgirl and horse start to gallop around the arena.  In a flash my attention goes from the arena to two little cowboys in their boots, hats and chaps running down the walkway at the foot of the bleachers in front of me.  They see all the people in the stands with their hats at their chests.  Without missing a step, each little one takes his hat off, holds it to his chest, and he keeps on running.  It was the cutest thing I ever did see.

In addition to watching the amazing athletes – the people and the animals, I enjoy watching the children.   The little 3 to 8 year old cowboys and cowgirls make me smile.   Tonight the little boys are trying to rope their buddies and the little girls are dancing in the stands to the music.   One little girl sneaks a big sip out of her momma’s soda.  Another little boy is dreaming of being a bullrider.   I had to laugh when another little cowboy ran up and grabbed a little girl around the waist.   She looked a little surprised.  I’m not so sure they even knew each other.  Then the one that stole my heart was a father, in his cowboy hat and pro rodeo jacket, bouncing his infant boy on his knee.  That little baby was smiling and clapping.  His dad was so proud.

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14 thoughts on “Lunch at the Ranch – Rodeo

    1. They are lots of fun. A friend of mine is a young bullrider. This is his second year. Last year he did really well and won the buckle at the end of the season. He has gotten hurt several times, breaking bones and losing teeth. Fun moves into scary when you know the people competing. Friday night there was a ‘rank’ bull (mean) that tossed the bullrider around like a rag doll. That was really scary. The bullrider was able to walk away from it.

      1. That’s incredible. Such bravery and skill and strength involved in the competition I imagine. You convey the excitement of watching brilliantly. I am new to wordpress and so love the way it allows me to find out about experiences I will probably not get for myself! Thanks for sharing.

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