Weightless Flying Apples

Tonight I was making homemade soup for a friend of mine.   She currently has some strict diet requirements, as well as some activity limitations, so some of us are taking turns making soup.   Tonight’s soup is an organic squash, apple and ginger soup made with bone broth and unsweetened almond milk.

I started by paring the carnival squash.  (I had to look up the word paring the other day when I was making baked apples.  I always called it ‘peeling’. )   Do you realize how tough the outside of this type of squash is?  My friend called the peels ‘finger nails’.  Very fitting, as they are just like those fake nails you glue to your own finger nails.

It took me quite awhile to pare this squash.  (The word still sounds funny.  Peel the squash?).    Finally, all done.  I chopped the squash into little chunks and put it in the pot to cook it down.   Time to pare the apples.  (Sounds better with apples.)

I grab the first apple and start paring it with the knife.  I about flung it across the room!  Wow!  The knife just glides along like the apple is a weightless, hollow form of air.  I laughed out loud.  Can you imagine if I pared the apples first?  The squash would seem twice as hard and stubborn.

How do we even find these precious moments of reflection if not for being open to opportunities.   If I had been making this soup for me and mine, I would have probably bought a frozen brick of squash already pared and cooked down.  I may have even bought applesauce.   Anymore, fast and easy is the way I do it.

However, tonight was different.   Sure I fussed to myself about being busy and tired.    I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I just don’t want to go the extra mile or listen to that still small voice.  Yet, I’ve learned that in the long run, in the big picture, its really a good idea to fight the flesh and follow the spirit.  Tonight was full of fun rewards.

I can now say that I tackled a carnival squash and won.  I can say ‘yes’ I have experienced the chore of paring a squash and flinging ‘finger nails’ all over the kitchen.  I can smile at the reward of paring apples in the aftermath and having that process seem like a stroll on the beach.   I can say that I have made another homemade soup.   It tastes great by the way.

These are all perks only known to me.  These aren’t the ‘kudos’ or ‘thank yous’.   They certainly aren’t the bennies you get when you see the joy or appreciation on the recipient’s face.  No, these are the little things you didn’t expect that you only catch if you are paying attention.


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