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Special Announcement: TONIGHT on John Stossel ~ Eagle Feather Case

Special Announcement:
TONIGHT on FOX Business Network on JOHN STOSSEL

Interview with Pastor Robert Soto (Lipan Apache) regarding the Eagle Feather Case.

Friday, April 17th at 9:00 PM EST
Again on Saturday, April 18th at 5:00 PM and 10:00 PM Eastern Time

This case began March 11, 2006 and finally came to a close on March 10, 2015 when the Department of the Interior returned the original 50 feathers.

Watch. Like. Share. Post. Trend.

Thank you for the many prayers and years of support.



Emma’s 2015 Missions Trip – Zion National Park, Utah

Emma during a photo shoot in Montana.  Photo by Josh Covill
Emma during a photo shoot in Montana. Photo by Josh Covill

Our daughter, Emma, will be celebrating her 20th birthday in Utah this year.  When she was born, we named her after her great-great-grandmother.   The name means “the one who heals”.     Preparing this post, as I look over her photographs and paintings, as well as the photos of her playing the trumpet, climbing, snowboarding, hiking, running, sight-seeing, and enjoying life, I can’t help but beam with joy.   I know that she brings life to others through all that she does.

Emma with the children in Belize last year.
Emma with the children in Belize last year. Photo by Lori Peppenger Bryant.

Friday she travels to Colorado for a weekend training with A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP).    There she will meet several young people from all over the country with the same desire … to minister through interdenominational church services at the National Parks.    She’ll get instruction and hear the testimonies of others who have served in years past.

Then in May she will travel to Zion National Park where she will work and minister for three months.   She will work at the park, earning what she needs for living expenses, and she will also be part of a team that will organize the weekly church services.   Click this link for an outline of the ACMNP ministries in Zion.

Today I am writing to share with you a fundraising page Emma set up specifically for her travel expenses to Colorado for training and to Zion for her missions tour.    Please follow the link where you will find a letter from Emma and instructions for leaving encouraging messages and making donations.  Emma’s Summer Ministry in Zion.  (GoFundMe)

As someone who has participated in missions trips in Peru and Israel, as well as around the US and Canada, there are no words for how excited I am for her.   I know that she will be a blessing to others and she will gain from it as well.   We also ask for your prayers, knowing that prayer is vitally important.

Following are some photos of Emma.  The first is Emma receiving a surprise birthday cake while in Belize.  The next is playing with the fish while in Belize.  The last is Emma ministering through art in Belize.   As we look at the photos from her last trip, we have great expectations for her upcoming trip to Zion.

Happy Birthday Emma!
Happy Birthday Emma! Photo by Caitlin Porter.
Emma bonding with the fish in Belize.
Emma bonding with the fish in Belize. Photo is a screen shot from Emma’s go-pro.
Emma ministering through art in Belize.
Emma ministering through art in Belize. Photo by Hallie Medlock.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the post.  Please keep Emma and all the other program participants in your prayers.


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