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Born into Silence

I read the title for this week’s Writing Challenge: The Sound of Silence, and before I could read the context or instructions, the phone rang.

“Jeny, what are you doing?”
“I’m at the computer.”
“You’re blogging, aren’t you?”
“No.”  (I wasn’t actually typing anything.  In fact, I had only read the top line of the before mentioned page. So, no, I wasn’t actually blogging.)
“Do you want to see a baby being born?”
“We’ll probably have to pull it.  I’m going to go find a rope.  Come on over.”
“Okay.  I have to get some warmer clothes.  I’ll be right there!”
(I look out the window.  The clouds are rolling in, the wind is picking up, the sky is spitting snow.   Hummmm.  This could get cold if there is any trouble.  Better dress warm.)

This week’s writing challenge was completely forgotten in the phone call.   I arrived just in time to meet my friend in the driveway.  I followed him out to the pasture.  My mind is going a million miles an hour, full of excitement.   We are looking for the heifer in labor.   Quietly, we round the first corner of the corrals.  Silence …..

We walk slowly, quietly, around the far corner of the corrals, and we look ahead …. there she is … and she has already had the calf.  Awesome!  Full of anticipation, wonder, excitement and relief, we get closer and we see she is licking the new baby.  It is a beautiful sight.  Silence …..

Wait, something is not right.  Silence …..

The baby is not moving it’s hind legs.  We move in closer.   Things don’t look right.  We are talking back and forth, sharing observations, talking to the momma, talking to the baby, more talking back and forth.   I want to take a picture of this beautiful moment, momma and baby touching noses, connecting, bonding.   I would if it was normal.  All I see now is a momma and baby totally focused on each other, yet neither one acting appropriate for a healthy birth.  Could this be the end instead of the beginning?  To take a photo now seems wrong, invasive.   Silence ….

We decide to go inside and call the vet.    The vet gave instructions, and back out we go. Momma is laying down, next to baby.   We’re going to have to catch up momma and tie her to the fence post so we can milk her and try and get baby to eat.   Why is she lying down? The baby’s hind legs still aren’t moving.   Ugh.  The wind is blowing, the sun is starting to slowly go down.    We take in all that has to come together.  Silence ….

We get momma caught up.  More help arrives.   Two of us are working with momma and two of us are working with baby.  The milking and feeding goes well.   Now to get them under cover.   This is no easy task.   Moving livestock around, getting hay, getting water, getting everyone situated.   The sun is almost down and I’m getting cold.   Silence ….

We get momma and baby situated.  The vet is on the way.  We know everyone is okay for now.   The cow-hands head home.  However, for the heifer, the little bull calf and their owners, it will all start again in a few more hours when baby needs to eat again.  Silence …

It’s dark.  I arrive home, very cold.  I feed all my horses.  Then I come in and shower.  The hot water feels so good!   I sit on the couch and I remember this week’s writing challenge.   Now, the theme is very appropriate.  When I ran off to see a baby being born, I didn’t think it would go this way.  Silence ….

(After I wrote this, I learned that the calf was diagnosed with brain damage, which explains why it couldn’t eat independently or walk.  It was put out of its misery. )

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Beading Saves the Day on the Eve of Valentine’s Day

When I read this week’s Writing Challenge:  My funny Valentine?, my heart sank.   How can I possibly come up with an original, creative, unique story?   … Maybe I’m just lacking the “holiday spirit”, as they say.   … Either way, I had pretty much decided I would not participate this week.

It’s not that I don’t have plans.  I do.  In fact, I’m facilitating a Valentine’s Day Wedding.   After the wedding, my hubby and I plan to go to the movies.  Then Saturday we are going to the Rocky Mountain Extreme Professional Bullriding PBR event at the Majestic Valley Arena.   Actually, as I write all this down in black and white, I realize the “bah humbug” is gone.

Of course, that’s not how my day started.   Stress, stress, stress.  I came home with a headache and stressed.   I fed my mules their mush, I filled the water troughs, I cooked some dinner and made some phone calls, and I bought the tickets for Saturday.   Ugh, after all of that, I’m hours behind in starting my earrings.

I needed some earrings for the wedding tomorrow.  I decided I would bead them, trying my best to create the design my husband thought of.   I was thinking ‘beading’ all day.  While I was at work, in between patients and meetings, while I was doing chores and cooking, I was planning it out in my head.   In fact, I was so focused and feeling pressed for time, I ate dinner while gathering all of my supplies.   This was a trick, as it was spaghetti.

I picked out my beads, plugged in my light and magnifying glass, threaded my needle and sketched out my design.  I have never done anything like this before, so I am hoping that I get it right on the first try.  I don’t have time to redo this project.  I say a silent prayer.

As I’m threading the first few beads, I’m watching … hoping.  Success!  My pattern works.  … Oh wait, it’s upside down.  … I can fix that. …. Whew.  …. I finish the first earring.   Now, the second one.  … Okay, how do I do this so it’s not upside down.   I’ll try this … Awesome!  It worked.  … Yay!!  I might still have time to type out the ceremony tonight, too.

I realized when I was all done beading, I was COMPLETELY relaxed.   It had taken me a couple of hours of very specific concentration.  Focusing on each bead.  Choosing the right color.  Counting the right amount of beads.  Running the needle and thread through the right beads.   Keeping the thread from knotting and fraying.   Did you know that when you make a pair of earrings like this, it is one single thread traveling through all of these beads in a very calculated manner?  Amazing.

My Valentine's Day earrings.
My Valentine’s Day earrings.
In response to your posts, here is a picture.  :)  Thanks for asking.  :)
In response to your posts, here is a picture. 🙂 Thanks for asking. 🙂

I was thinking I was beading because I needed earrings to wear while I officiate the wedding.   Something to match the theme.  Now I know I was beading because I needed something to quiet my heart.   I know with every fiber of my being, that the drive to make the earrings came from Someone greater than myself.   Someone who knows me better than I know myself.   Now that’s a Valentine’s Day gift!!   That’s Love!!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 NIV

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Silas’ Reflections of Prison with Paul

My post for the Weekly Writing Challenge:  1,000 Words follows.   I’ve been searching for inspiration and direction all week, and this came to me this morning.  I’m writing about when Paul and Silas were in prison, using Acts chapter 16 in the NIV Archaeological Study Bible as reference point. …

As I run my fingers over the brick and mortar of these beautiful arches, I can’t help but  recall when Paul and I were sentenced without a trial and put in maximum security in a Roman prison.

That whole ordeal was crazy.  We were Roman citizens.  It should never have gone that far.  I just shake my head in … I don’t know … ‘wonder’, ‘awe’, the senselessness of it?  I guess I can’t say that.   The jailor and his family came to know the Lord.  What the Lord will do to touch the hearts of the people He loves.  To orchestrate all the little details that came together.  Maybe I do shake my head in wonder and awe.

We had been walking through a market place, heading to a place of prayer.  This slave girl would not leave us alone.  She was possessed by a python spirit, meaning she was like a puppet.  She did not speak for herself.  This thing spoke through her.   I remember, at the time, being somewhat curious why Paul was so irritated by her.  He had had enough.

What she was saying was true.  We were (are) servants of the Most High God.  We were teaching and preaching.  People were being saved, daily, by putting their faith in Jesus Christ.  What’s wrong with that?  Even if she was possessed?   Paul was frustrated and he cast the demon out.

I’m a prophet.  I’m a teacher.  My community sent me as a solid, strong voice to accompany Paul.  What did Paul understand that I didn’t?  Well, he explained that the poor girl was possessed.  It was the demon saying those things.  That demon was harassing us, like sarcasm and ridicule.   It had to stop.   In addition, that girl needed to be set free.  She was being exploited by man.  They had no concern for her well-being.   They just saw her a tool for making money.  The bonus was that in being delivered from the python spirit, she could think for herself, speak for herself, and come to believe and be saved, herself.

So, I guess, in looking back.  Who could say that only the jailor and his family was saved through that experience.  I had forgotten about her.  Her name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, also.  Nice!

Well, when Paul cast out the demon, the merchants were so upset, they had us arrested.   I was thinking, “Really?!  Now what?!  Lord, help us!”

We knew that there had to be a bigger picture.  We remembered what Jesus went through, being falsely accused and beaten.  He was fulfilling a greater purpose.  What was ours?   We did not commit a crime.  We were Roman citizens.  Roman practices demanded we have a fair trial and be treated well.  Yet, all of those benefits of citizenship were denied us.

We were stripped, beaten and flogged.  We were thrown in the inner prison, with our feet put in stocks.   Paul was sitting and I was lying on the floor.  Moving was nearly impossible.  When I close my eyes I can still see it all.

There were so many men in that prison.   The lost.  The forgotten.   Bruised, bleeding, starving.  It was a forsaken place.   I had only heard stories and rumors.  There was a time I had dismissed them as fairy tales.  Surely, the leaders of Rome were not that cruel.  Yet, here I was.   The bigger picture??  I was overwhelmed with compassion and grief.  Where is mercy and justice for these?  Where is a future and hope?  How does one even speak of miracles and salvation in this dark place that has never seen light.

The light did come.  Paul and I brought the light.  Suddenly, the pain, shock, hunger and bewilderment dissipated.   The power of the Holy Spirit filled the prison.  I knew my Lord was with us in that place.  We began to sing.

Paul started, softly at first.  I tried to follow along.  It’s hard to sing lying down.  I laugh now when I think about it.   As Roman Christians, our praise and worship is not as … well … lively.   (smile)  From my experience, Jewish style praise involved a lot of hand clapping and dancing.   Hard to accomplish in stocks.   We found a workable middle point.  Paul swayed and rocked as he sang.  I tried to sit up and eventually managed it.

The men throughout this inner cell watched and listened.  We could sense with every fiber of our being that they were experiencing scrutiny, curiosity, hope and maybe a little entertainment.  In a sense, we all did.  What else was there?

Then it happened!  There was an earthquake.  The floors and walls shook.  The doors flew open and all of the chains came loose.   The tears still stream down my face as I think about it.  Look around you, at these brick walls.  These beautiful arches.  The floor.  The magnificence.   How could anything make this shake?  What power is that strong?

We knew it was God.   Although we were free, we stayed.   For the others, it was probably fear and the fact no one had moved since they got here.   The doors were open and the chains undone.  The bodies were still, frozen, atrophied.  But the hearts were light!

The jailor was mortified!  Bless that man.  He thought we had all run off.   The shame.  He was overcome.  In fact, we saw him reach for his sword.  He was going to suicide.   We yelled at the top of our voices, “Stop!!  We are still here!”    He called for someone to bring in some light.   You should have seen his face as he looked around in wonder.  He fell before Paul and I and he cried.

After a moment, he looked up at us and asked us what he must do to be saved.   Well, then I started to cry.   The suffering was worth it.   The Lord did remember all of these lost souls in the center of this prison.  The prisoners and the jailors, alike.  This place and these people were not forgotten.  There are no words. ….


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The Shoes of Francisco de Encinas (1520-1552)

When my grandfather died, I brought home a pair of his cowboy boots.  I had expectations of wearing them with pride for any and all occasions.  I put them on and well …. he had worn them so much, that the soles had molded to the curves of his feet.  No matter how determined I was, they hurt too much to wear.

Someone’s shoes are hard to fill.  They are also hard to imagine wearing, mostly because we want them to fit.   So imaging that I am in the shoes of someone else requires me to let go of my own sense of self and my preferences.   That’s difficult to do.  I’m not sure I’m fully there yet.

The January 27th Art and Craft of Blogging weekly Writing Challenge from The Daily Press at WordPress.Com is to write from the perspective of being in someone’s shoes.   Living in a small town and working in an industry where confidentiality is demanded, I’m choosing to write about someone in history.  I recently bought a book called “The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians“.  I decided to close my eyes, open the book, and point.   My finger landed on Francisco de Encinas (1520-1552).  I had never heard of him before.

—– ><><>< —– ><><>< —–

It’s harder to breath these days and I’ve found a new boil.   They say its the plague.  I’m in my mid thirties and facing death … again.  At this point I’m struggling to find hope that I will recover.  Nothing much to do these days, as I’m too weak to finish the translation … my passion, my calling, my purpose, my vision.  I’m so close to finishing it.  My people need the Scripture in their language!  We’ve fought so hard.  I’ve fought so hard.

I feel like Moses who couldn’t enter the promised land.  David who couldn’t build the temple.   Father, have I fallen short?  Have I sinned against You?  Is there some reason You are taking me home before I finish?   It’s a bitter sweet thought, crossing over into eternity without finishing my race.

I remember when I started this journey.  One of 10 kids destined to be wool merchant like my father.   Those early years in Spain seem too far away.  How did I get here from there?  Its miraculous, really.

Miracles.  I could use a miracle.  I wonder if this is how Christ felt while hanging on the cross?   “A esa hora Jesús gritó con fuerza:  — ¡Eloí, Eloí! ¿lemá sabaqtaní? (que significa: “Dios mío, Dios mío, ¿por qué me has abandonado?”).”  Marcos 15:34  La Palabra.

I’m beginning to sound like David from Psalms.  We have so much in common.  Where did he get the courage to go up against Goliath in his youth?  He was just a shepherd boy. Surely, the Holy Spirit.

That’s how I did it in the Vrunte prison.   I was imprisoned for publishing the Scripture in Spanish.  Crazy to think the Reformation started before I was born and persecution is still so much a part of my life.   I survived a year of torture in that dark place.   (I smile) I meditated on the Word and wrote out the translations in my mind.   The prison doors opened for Paul and his chains fell off.  I escaped.  It was just a few years ago, although it seems like a lifetime.  I can still smell the horrible stench.

I remember when Diego and I were called away from the family business and into ministry.   I miss him so much.     It’s been 5 years since his horrible death.   I can still see his tortured body and the flames.  Our Lord knew you were the stronger one, brother.   If you only knew how important your work was and still is.  Martin Luther was proud of you, too.

Will my children remember me when I’m gone?  Is my wife proud of me?  Did she ever truly understand the width and depth of what God called me to do?  I think so.  She was a religious exile just like me when we met.  Oh, how I love her.   Maybe this is why we’ve struggled so much, so she could be prepared now.

I can see her and our girls in our publishing house.  Finally, a safe place to write and publish.  No more traveling from country to country … Spain, Germany, Belgium, England and now France.  I like France.   My three ladies, in their beautiful dresses, picking lovely flowers and singing hymns.   Finally, sleep is upon me.  I will wake in eternity.

(Note:  His wife Margaret died approximately a month later. )

—– ><><>< —– ><><>< —–

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Lunch at the Ranch – Rodeo

My post for Day 7 of the Lunch Writing Challenge from The Daily Press at WordPress.Com.  This is my last post in this series.  I hope you have enjoyed them.

—— ><>< —— <>< —— ><> —— ><>< ——

It’s 6:45 PM and the rodeo is about to start.  We are waiting for our bacon cheeseburgers and onion rings.   You can hear the announcer in the rodeo arena giving the commentary of the last little calf rider.   Then I hear “Jeny”.   Our order is ready.   I immediately throw away the onions and tomatoes and sweet pickles.  Who puts sweet pickles on a burger?!  I squirt a little ketchup on the bun and we hurry to our seats in the bleachers.  We are just in time for the singing of our national anthem.

We hold our cowboy hats to our chests and we fix our eyes on the cowgirl on the horse in the middle of the arena who is holding the American flag.   With “O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave …. ”  the cowgirl and horse start to gallop around the arena.  In a flash my attention goes from the arena to two little cowboys in their boots, hats and chaps running down the walkway at the foot of the bleachers in front of me.  They see all the people in the stands with their hats at their chests.  Without missing a step, each little one takes his hat off, holds it to his chest, and he keeps on running.  It was the cutest thing I ever did see.

In addition to watching the amazing athletes – the people and the animals, I enjoy watching the children.   The little 3 to 8 year old cowboys and cowgirls make me smile.   Tonight the little boys are trying to rope their buddies and the little girls are dancing in the stands to the music.   One little girl sneaks a big sip out of her momma’s soda.  Another little boy is dreaming of being a bullrider.   I had to laugh when another little cowboy ran up and grabbed a little girl around the waist.   She looked a little surprised.  I’m not so sure they even knew each other.  Then the one that stole my heart was a father, in his cowboy hat and pro rodeo jacket, bouncing his infant boy on his knee.  That little baby was smiling and clapping.  His dad was so proud.

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Lunch at the Ranch – Horses and Mules

My post for Day 6 of the Lunch Writing Challenge.   For those of you new to the series, The Daily Post at WordPress offers weekly challenges.  The January 20th challenge is to write a short(er) post about lunch time experiences and observations.   For extra fun, an additional challenge was included to write a post daily for the week.  My original intention was to just write one.  However, I caught the creative bug and decided to write a Lunch Writing Challenge for each day this week.   Please visit my other posts Day 1-5, and check back tomorrow for the final post in this series.

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Today, with a cup of coffee and heart of fellowship, I spent time with the horses and mules during their brunch.   Saturdays are good for that.  Usually I’m in a rush, feeding them in the dark and then hurrying off to work.

Horses and Mules

Beau, Rose, the two young ones whose names I don’t remember, and the two mules, Foxy and Snickers are in one area.   Rebel and Stormy are in the next pasture.  They are older and at the bottom of the hierarchy, so they have their own space to be able to eat in peace.  Then Angel Baby and Jazzy Faith are in the round pen behind the others.  They are BLM mustangs.  Mother and daughter.   I had to crawl up on the haystack to get a photo with everyone.


“Lunch Time” with the horses and mules is entertaining.   It’s this strange combination of  ‘being in nature’ from the human perspective and an hour long dialog of invitations to get closer and warnings to go away from their perspective.  That’s why I call this a progressive meal.  They are always moving around into and away from each others space.

They appear intimate and peaceful, yet they are constantly tuned in to each other.  I figure their communication is at least 95% body language.   Very subtle body language.   Foot movement, ear movement, head movement, tail movement.  If you aren’t listening, the volume goes up.   More noticeable movements or an audible sound.  By the time they get to pushing and shoving, its a shouting.

They remind me of people sometimes.   Each one with a different personality and role in the hierarchy.   The one that dominates the conversation, the one that is shy.  The two that tease and poke fun at each other.  The one with manners, the one without.  The one that is sweet and the one that is grumpy.   The one that will give up a chair for the newcomer.  The one that won’t move to accommodate.   The one in charge.  The number #2 who wants to be in charge.   The old, the young, the females and the males.  The one who is trained, the one who isn’t.  The one who has traveled.  The one who has never been more than 10 miles from home.   The one who likes people and the one who could care less.   The confident, the fearful, the wounded, the caretaker and so on ….

Even with the similarities, there are differences.   Horses don’t have the manipulations, the complications and the insecurities that people do.   They have a great grasp of simply ‘being’.

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Lunch at the Ranch – Halo

My post for Day 5 in the Lunch Writing Challenge of writing a short(er) story about a lunch encounter.

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I’m in a fog.  It seemed I could barely stay focused on my drive home from work.   ‘Stay awake’ is my mantra.   I arrive home safely, go inside and greet the animals.  I grab a few Cheerios out of the bin and a few oyster crackers out of the box.   I don’t even taste them, although I think I truly did eat them.  Don’t know for sure.   I make some oatmeal and sit on the couch.  Halo, my dog, snuggles up behind my back.  I turn on the TV.  Maybe this will help me stay awake through lunch and get my mind off replaying the same loop as I process the chaplaincy calls I made last night and this morning.   I turn on “Castle”.   Fun entertainment.  This episode starts off with the possibility of alien abduction.  My mind wonders.  What a strange concept sitting in my rural home, 1/4 mile off the main road.  Its very quiet.  Actually VERY nice.  I think how do these two concepts even exist in the same place …. peaceful tranquility and nature verses scary alien abduction murder mystery in the city.  I laugh because obviously my mind is completely mush.  I look out the window as a bald eagle flies by.  Is this a confirmation?  A sign?  I laugh out loud.  “Come on, Halo, time for a nap.”

—— ><>< —— <>< —— ><> —— ><>< ——

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Lunch at the Ranch – Basecamp

My post for Day 4 in the Lunch Writing Challenge where we are writing short(er) blog entries on our lunchtime experiences.

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I can only imagine what it looks like at home as my furry four-legged companions are watching the door anticipating my lunch time arrival at the ranch.  Not today, however.   Today is lunch with a special group of peers and colleagues at the Basecamp Cafe.   It’s the monthly ministers’ meeting.

I truly look forward to this time.  Who would have guessed, this odd collection of clergy.   Oh, how we enjoy one another’s company.   Of the seven who were there today, two are women.  Two are Catholic.  A Methodist and a Lutheran.  An Assemblies of God and a Christian Missionary Alliance.  Then throw in the non-denominational, home church pastor for good measure.  (That’s me.)

We have such a great time talking about our similarities and differences.   Today I learned a little bit more about the history behind our local Catholic church and how it got it’s name.

It was a blessing to see each one ministering to the other, no signs of one being better or one’s faith tradition being better.   For this hour, we are all on the same, level playing field.  Everyday people.  No fancy titles.  Very interesting individuals. Friends. Teammates.

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Lunch at the Ranch – Running To and Fro

My post for Day 3 of the Lunch Writing Challenge:

My usual lunch begins with clocking out at work.  As soon as I clocked out, I called a friend to check on how his morning went.  The plan was he was supposed to help in birthing a calf.   However, this morning it had been snowing.  Not the best conditions for orchestrating such a procedure.  The mother had a broken leg.  The plan was to save the unborn calf, while putting the mom out of her misery.   I was told it was a success!  Baby doing fine.

Next I went to the UPS store to mail water color paintings.  While my daughter was home from college on Christmas vacation, she created several wonderful paintings.  Now she needs them sent to the school by Monday.   I enter the modest little store, notice the customer service person is busy helping someone, so I wait.  Not a problem.  I’m not in a hurry.  I’m actually very relaxed.   Then another customer comes in, then another and then another.  I watched the store representative get more stressed.  She rushed me along under the pressure.  I am amazed at how quickly I became stressed.  There is a lot of truth to picking up on other people’s energy.   I was picking up on hers.  It was contagious.   Bless her heart.  After I arranged for my daughter’s paintings to be boxed and mailed, I hurried for the car.   My head is spinning.  I handed over my daughter’s priceless original paintings in a packaging frenzy.   All I can do is pray that they get to where they are going safely.

So, I go to the bank to deposit a check.  She said she was glad I added my account number.  Not because it was procedure or protocol or the rules.   It was because she couldn’t read the handwriting that followed “Pay To The Order Of”.  I guess she was relieved she didn’t have to ask me what it said.   That made me smile.   These are the small town moments I enjoy.

I head home, tummy growling.  I turn to take the quick route and realize after I’m already committed to the turn that this road has a lot more snow than the other way.  Oops.  I head to THE HILL.  Nope.  I don’t think I’ll make it.  Looks too slippery.  I take a quick turn to the left on a side street.  Wow.  I haven’t gone this way in a long time.  It’s beautiful!  The scenery!  The snow is deeper, the road has more curves, but the hill has a much better grade.  I drive around through the snow and trees.  It’s lovely and relaxing.  Deep breath.

I pull into my driveway, which is 1/4 mile long.  I come along side the pine trees which look flocked like at a department store at Christmas time.  I laugh.   This has got to be the first time that nature truly resembles flocking from a can.  I stop and take a picture.

I pull into the garage, then go into the house.  There is Halo, my faithful dog.  She’s sitting on the entry way stairs.  She’s so happy to see me.   Here comes the cat.  She has to have her attention too.  I heat up some cold fried chicken and attempt to eat it and pack another package for my daughter.   Fried chicken and packaging tape don’t mix well.

I go out to the store to buy more packaging tape.  I help a friend with her groceries.  Then I visit with another friend who is going through chemo for lung cancer.  We visit and hug.  I go into the store, grab some tape and some chocolate that is on sale.  That will go great in the box with the other school supplies.

Out at the car, I add the chocolate to the box and finish taping it up.  I go over to the post office and mail the package.  Wow.  This is 1/5 the cost of the package I just mailed an hour ago.  Interesting.   I get my mail and head home.

I pull into the garage, then go into the house.  There is Halo, my faithful dog.  She’s lounging at the top of the stairs.  She’s so happy to see me.   Here comes the cat.  She has to have her attention too.  I heat up some more cold fried chicken and … rest.

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Lunch at the Ranch – The Other Side of Paradise

My post for Day Two of the Lunch Writing Challenge
… A Sequel With Hopes of Becoming a Lunch Challenge Mini-Series

—— ><><>< —– ><><>< —–

I’m still at home sick.  Yesterday’s sunshine has become a cold gray.  The icy pines no longer look vibrant, but daunting.   Nothing sounds good to eat.  I warm up what is left of yesterday’s soup.   It’s not as great the second time around, which I attribute more to my sour stomach than to the actual soup.  I turn on a movie, Country Strong, that I vaguely remember having watched before.   I like Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw.  I’m anticipating a warm fuzzy Hallmark type film.  (Straight from the Heart is my favorite. ) However, as the movie progresses, I realize it was much deeper and darker than I had remembered.  It didn’t provide the escape I was looking for.   As a hospital chaplain, moments of escape are valued.

Then I’m rescued.  One of the young people staying at our house showed me his new hair color.  Its a bit darker with blue highlights!  Nice.  I helped him with his ear tunnels.  Today was the first day they could come out since he had them put in.   I’m thankful for the little things.

—— ><><>< —– ><><>< —–

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